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Rebecca Rusch, Endurance Athlete says...

Eric Larsen, Arctic Explorer on his expedition to Save The Poles says: Action Wipes are an important part of an expedition. On my trip to the North Pole, I went 70 days without a shower and 60 days on my trip to the South Pole. Using a product like Action Wipes is an integral component of expedition travel, hygiene and safety.

Jordan Romero, youngest person to climb The Seven Summits says: We didn't take a shower for more than 50 days... only Action Wipes showers.  It was great to have them for sure.

 Project Kilimanjaro - We Choose to Climb says: 16 women go six days with out a shower, click here to hear the testimonial

Fatty from Fat Cyclist says: I love 'em! Action Wipes are awesome, they're like a shower in a little foil pouch. I just loooove these things!! And...  One or two of these is enough to pretty much de-grossify you after even a big ol’ all-day ride. And it feels so good to get the grit and sunscreen and salt crust off you before you head home. Not to mention the way you’re kinda saving your butt from future sores. Which is a good thing.

David from The Fredcast says: Just learned that Mrs. Fredcast has a new verb: Action Wiped. As in, "did you shower after gardening?" "No, I action Wiped."

Take our travel wipes everywhere you go.Elizabeth Zanin - Associate Director, The Katie Couric Show says: I will have you know that when I was getting prepared for the storm and anticipating losing power for days and not having hot water to shower -- I was comforted that I had a 30 pack of your wipes in my apt!! NO JOKE!!! I remember seeing them in my closet and going ----"ooooohhhhhh ---- now Im not so afraid of no hot water!!"  ....and in those moments of fear -- its the little things that mean so much -- so thank you !!! (That's Lizz, helping clean up Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy.)

Cynergy Cycles says...

Team Spider Tech Support Staff say...

Michellie Jones - Winner of an Olympic Silver Medal, two ITU Triathlon World Championships, XTERRA World Champion and the 2006 Ironman World Championship says...

Rick Alden, Founder of Skullcandy says...

Julia Pickslay, Health & Fitness Coach, Public Speaker and Equestrian says...

Amy F - "Good morning, I just wanted to shoot you a quick note expressing my gratitude for your Honey Healing Stick. As a competitive elite cyclist, I put in 15-20 hours a week on the bike, which sometimes translates to a painful derrière. In the last few weeks that I have been using your healing stick, my saddle sores have improved DRASTICALLY! I use this product daily and credit it for having a more comfortableOur body wipes are perfect for any family vacation. ride."

Gary from Concord, CA - "Hi, love Action Wipes. First used at Burning Man, but now they always travel with us."

John Baudhuin, CEO Mad Dogg Athletics says: As you can see from the photo attached, I made it to the top and was happy to have the Action Wipes in my pack. You have a great product and I can't imagine climbing without them. 

Gina & Stephen, The Most Epic Trip say: Gina ~ We're living from a tent for five months, traveling in a car for 14,000 miles and spend up to ten hours a day hiking and climbing. With no plumbing and sometimes no water, you can imagine how much in need we are of getting clean. 

A small baby wipe doesn't do the trick after being outdoors all day. Martha's Action Wipes are perfect because not only are they the right size for an adult-sized, dirt-covered climber but they aren't heavily scented which keeps us from being bear bait. I only need one wipe to get clean; as it comes all folded up, I simply use one folded side for my face, another for my arms, and so forth, with plenty left over in case you find a particularly dirty area. And as they come in individual packets, you can pack only what you need, thus reducing weight in your pack. Climbing with our body wipes

Action Wipes leave me feeling refreshed, clean, and my skin soft- even in dry climates. I was surprised to find that I didn't need moisturizing lotion after cleaning with these, something I would normally need after using soaps. In addition, they work great as multi-purposers; we've cleaned up spills, used them as dishcloths and cleaned up the dust in our car. Then it's rinse off and reuse.

These are the ultimate in getting clean!

Stephen ~ The biggest problem that I have with generic wet wipes are as follow: too small, rip easy, and dry out after one wipe of the skin.  The Action Wipes solve all of these problems!  I have been using Action Wipes for 2.5 months now while on The Most Epic Trip and I could not be happier to have them along.  Every time I go to clean myself I always grab two.  One for my face and special areas, in that order, and the other for the rest of my body.  It will stay wet enough to clean off any grease and grime while also not tearing in the process.  Yes, you could get a generic brand wipe at a cheaper price, but I always found myself using about 5 or 6 of them to get a decent clean feeling, where I only need 2 Action Wipes.  Oh, and I almost forgot, they come in single packaging perfect for hauling in a pack and are machine washable!

Victoria said: I have been using the "Shower Pill" brand body wipes for the past 6 months, so that is the only brand I can compare the Action Wipes too. That being said, Action Wipes are my new staple for on-the-go hygiene. The Action Wipes are thinner, slightly larger and more pliable than the "Shower Pill" brand, with high quality ingredients that really make you feel clean. The tea tree and eucalyptus scent is awesome and doesn't last too long (if you're worried about it overpowering your perfume/cologne afterwards, don't). Great product, definitely worth the money if you're an active, on the go type who doesn't have access to a shower between activities OR...if you're just a hygiene freak who likes to freshen up in the middle of the day.

A note on an order: I thought I would share-I ordered the action wipes for a retreat on which I am one of the facilitators. It is a group of shamanic healers. In looking at how we can more wisely use water, and live harmoniously with the drought here in CA, we are asking participants to not shower every day. In their retreat "goody bags" which will have notebooks, botanical products (grown and made by one of our facilitors-soap and balms) and other items, we will include a couple of Action Wipes for the days they don't shower. (I go to Burning Man every year and buy the individual wipes and gift "showers" every year). I thought it would be good to do here and help get the word out on your product. (and by the way, when I mentioned this, one of the other facilitators knew of your product; she puts together care packages for the troops-they have been getting requests to include action wipes (instead of other wipes they have been sending).

A not on an order: I first used your product after buying the last 5 single packs from my local Eastern Mountain Sports shop; I used them on a seven day thru-hike of Maine's One Hundred Mile Wilderness. In a month's time, I'll be setting off on an Appalachian Trail thru-hike and believe that having your Action Wipes along will be equal to a little bit of sanity in a convenient to open packet. I trust that the lip balm and healing stick will be the perfect compliment. PS: After having used your wipes and many other brands, I have to say yours left me feeling the most refreshed.

Carolina from Baltimore, MD says - Dear Life Elements - The action wipes are an AMAZING product! I never EVER write product reviews, but your wipes are so amazing I had to do something about it. I just tried one today after a hard kickboxing workout and I feel so refreshed and new! I can't believe it. My skin feels terrific.  For the past few years I avoided working out at the gym in my school because I sweat a lot but I hate common showers, and I just discovered that I can exercise AND feel clean afterwards...so fresh that I can go back and finish my experiments! Martha, you are a genius. Believe me. I wish I had invented the action wipes. I might need a lifetime membership card!

Peter from CA says - I work for the US Forest Service as a wild land firefighter.  We use a lot of moist towelettes.  They are ok, but a little strong with the alcohol.  I use them nonetheless.  Last January I was in South America for three weeks helping a team race the Dakar Rally in Argentina, Chile and Peru.  I brought a bunch of industrial individually wrapped 'shower in a bag' with me.  They were well received by the crews who were hot, sweaty and dusty with limited showering for over two weeks. In one of the bivouacs we came across a stash of Action Wipes.  It was like heaven using them in comparison to the industrial grade wipes. I am going to Tunisia next month to do a 7 day rally in the Sahara desert in preparation for my own Dakar attempt in January of 2014.  As I was putting together a list of things to bring I thought of Action Wipes.  At any rate, thank you for making a product that is much improved on any other wipe, I appreciate it. 

Erin from CA says - Our friend introduced us to Action Wipes before we all went to Tanzania for 5 weeks.  We loved them so much, we ordered a 50 pack 12 days before we left, and not only received them quickly (in time to take!), but with a hand-written note as well.  Action Wipes kept us fresh while we climbed Kilimanjaro for 8 days, and came in soooo handy during the rest of our adventure when fresh water, showers, and other such conveniences were unavailable.  I even used them to clean off some really soiled clothes one day.  They were FANTASTIC!!  It's true - they leave no residue, leave your skin feeling clean and soft and moisturized! Thank you for creating a great product that really lives up to its description, and for the wonderful customer service!

Christina from CT says - Hello, A year ago my husband was facing a medical crisis which would only be resolved by receiving a heart transplant. A heart was not forthcoming and he was getting closer to death when his team of physicians at Yale offered him a temporary solution. The solution was to place a left ventricular device (LVAD) which is a pump placed inside the abdomen. It forces the blood through the heart and keeps a person alive while waiting for a heart. The device is battery driven and the cords come out of the body and into a battery pack for mobility. At other times it goes directly into a electrical outlet. Once this device is placed, patients can no longer bathe, shower or be anywhere near water in an effort to prevent infection at the site where the cord exits the body. Infection can severely compromise the patient making them ineligible for a transplant. Looking for a solution to keeping my husband clean, I found your product. it worked well. The wipes offer a great alternative to keeping clean when you can no longer shower and this may also be broadened to other types of patients for whom infection is a risk. We are most fortunate in that after 9 months with the LVAD, my husband did receive the gift of a new heart. He is doing well! 

Todd in CA says... Welp you we're right! No residue at all and they work great! I got the ones you sent Saturday, and used one after I had been smoking a pig for 12 hrs on Sunday.  Except for my hair and clothes smelling pretty smoky, you'd think I just got out of the shower! I just ordered 50 for Africa and to give some to my friends. 

Upon his return from his trip to Africa, Todd wrote:

As promised here is the report on your wipes.... They are Awesome!! I used them everyday on our Kilimanjaro climb, which we all summited by the way, I used them on Safari several days when we had no showers, I even used them on the long haul flights going to and from Africa.  It's true, they are almost as good as a shower.  It does a lot for your attitude too when you can feel and smell clean after a long day of hiking uphill in the rain.  So, I plan on taking these things with me wherever I go from now on! 

Jon from Oklahoma says... I am so glad to have found these for those 14hr overnight flights. I will be telling a lot of people about them.

M.A. from Arizona says - HI! I wanted to share how much we love Action Wipes! These have been a huge help in my son's junior high life. As an active 13 year old he enjoys running at lunch and working out before or after school. As a teenage boy this can mean he ends up smelling very ripe afterwards. I throw a handful of Action Wipes in his back pack so he can clean up after lunch saving him from a lot of cruel teasing. I am very glad I came across these. I know they weren't designed to protect teenage boys from being picked on but they work great for it.

Nina from L.A says - I love @actionwipes #thatisall

Allen from SD says: For as long as I have been climbing I have used Action Wipes to help my two friends and I in our endeavors. Whether we are establishing hard new trad climbs in the Wichita Mountains, crushing new boulders in the alpine of Colorado, or mountaineering in the Alps, you have had our backs one hundred percent. I want to provide a warm thank you for making, in our opinions, the best after clean up wipes on this planet. 

Randy from CA says: For years I've been searching for an alternative to traditional deodorants. I've never been comfortable with reports that the chemicals in most deodorants such as aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex can be absorbed into the body through the skin. I have used Mitchum (despite my concerns) for many years mainly because it worked well. After hearing about Action Wipes on Ben Greenfield Fitness, a health and fitness expert I admire, I purchased some on Amazon. To my amazement, they worked as efficiently as Mitchum at eliminating odor all day! I also love that I can bring an individually wrapped wipe with me to work on days that I have to go out in the evening. As I'm leaving the office, I can stop in the restroom and in seconds use the wipe to freshen up like I'd just showered. Great product!!!

Lorri from MN says: I just placed another order of wipes for an upcoming trekking trip to Nepal based on the positive experience I had last year. I first used them on an 8-day trek and camping excursion through the desert in Jordan. They were perfect for wiping off the sand, grit, sand, dirt, sand, sweat and sand each day. Did I mention there was sand? They were a god send, because one scoop of tepid water each evening is not enough to properly clean off. In fact, the wipes are sufficient in place of the shower. One of my fellow trekkers actually commented that I always smelled so fresh after a day in the desert and wondered how I did it. I owe it all the action wipes. Thanks again for such a great product.

Tim from MI says: I don't know of another product that works as well as yours does, I used to use Gentle Care Skin Care Products
specifically, No-Rinse Perineal Skin Cleansing foam, but found it to be itchy especially on my Genitals. I have no problems
with your product and look forward to using them. I am a Truck driver and often go without a shower for months.

Karla from IL says: I love these wipes and I am a walking commercial to all who will listen. Just ask my coworkers.

Huichi from NV says: Action Wipes worked for us on our camping trip. My husband used 3 sheets every night!  He's a big guy & likes to be extra clean though.  If we had used regular wipes it would have been like 10 sheets. I now carry them with me when I go hiking & biking too so I can clean up and go grab a bite to eat or go shopping after without feeling gritty/dirty/smelly. No need to rush home. I shared the wipes with couple of my biking friends and they liked them too.

Rhonda from VA says: Went camping and used your wipes and they were great. Even the husbands thought they were! Our camping was dry camping so to have a cloth like the action wipe was perfect to get a clean feeling with out a water shower or bath. Thank you so much and I will continue to order and spread the word to our friends.

Matt from Chicago says: I commute about 5-6 miles by bike to and from work every day. I work in a business casual-type setting in downtown Chicago and we don't have any showers. The wipes are now an indispensable part of my morning cool-down after I arrive at work. If it weren't for them, it would take me far longer to cool down and I would sweat through my work clothes in an instant. Especially in this midwestern heat wave we've been experiencing.

Robin from Calabasas, CA says: I just wanted you to know I think they [Action Wipes] are wonderful!  I shared them with my boot camp trainer, and just today, he said he wants to order more! I smelled soooo much better after working out, and I wasn't embarrassed by body odor.  Your product is great and I plan on sharing it with everyone I know!



Anna from Cupertino, CA says: Action Wipes are amazing! I actually feel like I’ve had a shower after using them, and no other product I’ve tried produces that result. Thank you, you’re doing great!

Jack from Laguna Niguel, CA says: THAT'S what I call customer service!!  So rare these days. You've just made a long-term customer.

Nikki from Newport Beach, CA says: My coworkers and I have been taking a pretty intense barre class on our lunch breaks at a small studio near our office for the last couple months. I am usually dripping with sweat by the end, and there is no shower or locker room and no time to go home so we have to make do in the bathroom of my office. For a week or so i was using makeup wipes and perfumed body wash in the sink to try to mask any stink until I could properly clean up at home. Then I remembered Action Wipes! Love love love the product. After a full body wipe down I feel as if I had showered, and I feel like the Eucalyptus is really cooling on my sweaty skin, keeping me from feeling hot and gross for the rest of the afternoon. I love the light scent on my skin much more than perfumed soap. Im planning on purchasing more to keep in the bathroom for my coworkers to use and already have plans to gift some to my outdoors loving in-laws! Keep doing what youre doing!

Jane from Crossvlle, TN  says: Just wanted to share a story about your wonderful product. My husband was riding a [cycling] century today and I was waiting around cheering on the participants. I noticed a man trying to clean himself with a dry towel. So I had a multipak of Action Wipes and went over and offered him one. He hesitated but took one. I walked back to my spot and continued cheering. He came over and ask where can I get these? Do you buy them locally? I told him how to order. Just wanted to let you know how impressed he was with your product. You are a class act and your product is the best.

Janene from Houston, TX says: Your product rocks!! I started appreciating your company with the handwritten note of thanks on my invoice ( yes, it does make a difference!).  As mentioned on my reviews of the Action Wipes on Amazon.com, your product WORKS and I have tried quite a few. I commute by bicycle in hot, steamy Houston and was shocked that even in the morning commute, a Southern lady doesn't 'glisten', she sweats! I have close proximity to patients in my line of work and odor is not acceptable.  Even though there is a fairly strong smell when you open the package, no lingering odor remains after use.  The ability to wash and reuse the wipes certainly appeals to the psyche of my inner hippie.  I actually reuse the wipes to clean the floor in the office ( the floors are hand cleaned), and they are so durable, that I use far less paper product in the whole process.

Jeanne from Warrenton, VA says: Our house is a BIG fan of your Action Wipes since we are the poison ivy family and our dogs LOVE to play in the poison ivy that grows in our back yard. Even in the fall when the leaves are gone, they rub up against the stems of the vine (did you know you can get it without the leaves??) and then we love on them and get it. So it’s pretty much an “all year thing” for us. Action Wipes really helps our family prevent the rash.

Alex fom the U.K. says: There is NOTHING better after a hot ride!

Russ from Knoxville, TN says: I was given a Action Wipes single on a hiking trip last month and loved them.  Looks like this order I'm taking to Nepal and Everest Base Camp.  Action Wipes going around the world tour.

Dorothy from Dallas says: Unbelievably, I have not been able to shower for almost 2 weeks [due to surgery]. I think Action Wipes are the greatest thing since soap and water.  I'm telling everyone about your Action Wipes.

Jesse from California says: (In response to an email we sent making sure their order for Coachella got there on time.) "wow! cool that you care so much! i work customer service for an online retailer as well and I WISH they would let me be this cool!"

Arlinda from San Diego, CA says: Action Wipes to the rescue...We had the water turned off to fix a leak and were working in the attic. When we came down, we were full of installation fiber and needed to wipe ourselves off. But with no water what were we to do??? Action Wipes of course!!!

Linda from Kennesaw, GA says: I bought these wipes (as seen in Woman's Day) for my 89-year-old mother. She is recovering from a fairly serious illness and a stay in the hospital.  My mother is absolutely THRILLED with these wipes.  She starts at her face and works her way down, and as she says, they are still moist by the time she gets to her feet.  This is so much simpler than trying to manage a wash pan and cloth.  If you ever need an endorsement, I'm here.  And please-don't improve them.  Anytime people mess with perfection it is a mistake. 

Our Response: Thanks Linda!  We have an elderly family member with Alzheimer's who forgets to bathe.  Action Wipes keep her clean and tidy between the days when she remembers that she's a little stinky.  Though Action Wipes were originally created for athletes, they have become popular among our senior friends and persons who care for the elderly as well.  We hope our donations to the Alzheimer's Association will help in the search to find a cure.

R.C. stationed in Kirkuk, Iraq says: Action Wipes are great for military personnel.[I] Was on patrol and visited a village. The local Sheik said that there was a man with burns all over his body, so I went and checked it out. Since I'm the C.O.'s personal security and personal medic.  The C.O. asked me if I can help him.  His story is he got burned working with asphalt.  I figured he was planting an IED/EFP.  But I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  So I started by irrigating his burns.  Then I needed something to scrub it down.  The only thing I had were Action Wipes!  So I used those.  Then applied cream to heal his burns.  Who'd a thought I'd be using 'em (Action Wipes) to treat a burn?  Can't leave the wire without a few Action Wipes in my pocket!

Our Response: Stay safe out there R.C.!  We support our troops and get many orders from military family members to send to their soldiers over seas.  We proudly offer free shipping to APO/FPO addresses and will match all orders that are going to our military heroes.

One of our friends at Burning Man says: The moistened wiping choice of discriminating burners....These wipes rock!  I gave up a handful of Soviet war medals for them, but they were worth every ounce of Russian pain and patience.  Not only are they the next best thing to actually having a shower, but they clean off playa dust AND sticky bodily emissions with equal ease.  Now there is no excuse for grody crusty burners: erase 4 hours of white-out build up or last Monday's makeup and Bindi adhesive with ease!  The wipes easily fit in your pink fur turban, rubber horse mask, or utili-skirt-thingy.  In any case they smell incredible and get the dust out of your cracks at the same time!  Everyone will know you are an epicurean burner with gourmet sensibilities when you proudly pull out these fancy alternatives to Huggies and Pampers.  I really did love them and gave them away and turned people onto them all over the playa.  Actually I got the comment a few times that I just looked too fresh and clean. They were great.  Thanks so much for the wonderful gift.

And a soul sista says: Oh my sista--let me tell you the smells and sighs of delight from all who touched your wipes!  Found some left over JUST before Exodus and we passed them out on the 5 hour trek out of BRC.  Handed the remaining wipe packs to the Head of Exodus upon final leg departure...he made me stop the rig and get out to hug me with gratefulness!  They had an 8hr white out that night and from what I hear, the wipes saved their brains from frying of dust!  Honestly the best time for use was during a wind storm on a hot day.  Open up the pack, dispense one large & strong wipe, open and place nose and mouth of face into wipe...take a BIG BREATH of delight!  The trick is that one cane take a breath!  Albeit, ANYTIME was a goodtime at BM to use the wipes ;-)  Men made the most of the comments of smell...Next up to bat--bet you did now know this about the wipes...At home upon return I washed a bunch of costumes and out of the dryer came 3 clean wipes!  Obviously dirty, I shoved them in my pockets and washed them by accident.  They no longer smell, but the strength and durability of the wipe lasted the wash and the dry!  They are still soft and user friendly for cleaning...A good "green" way to use the wipes.

One of our favorite comments wrote: Dear Action Wipes:  On the evening of August 28th, I took your slogan to heart.  For those not following your product, the slogan is "Take them everywhere....use them for everything!"

So, on a camping trip with my girlfriend, I tried to use the Action Wipes Tent, and was completely soaked after a light rain.  My girlfriend scoffed at my suggestion of the Action Wipes Contraceptives, which lead to her throwing me out oh the previously-mentioned tent.  This lead to the real problems.

After having your wipes fail as Action Wipes Bear Repellent, I needed to run for my life.  I tried to use the Action Wipes Slip-'n-Slide I had previously constructed to escape, but wound up tearing through the too-thin wipes and embedding gravel into my chest and genitals.  I think the Action Wipes Pants were too shoddy in construction here, but the stitching may have been at fault, in which case, my bad.

I made it to my car, but putting the Action Wipes Fuel Additive into the tank seemed to have cause the car to stall.  I was having trouble seeing through the windows, as the Action Wipes Window Cleaner left me dry.  I won't go into too much detail involving the final way I got away from the bear, but suffice it to say that the Action Wipes Hang-Glider was the capstone of my defeat.

One the plus side, I now have a great hat, as I found letting the wipes dry first was the key to solid construction.  I'm avoiding the rain, temporarily, until updated version of the wipes are released.  In the meantime, I respectfully request you remove the "use them for everything" slogan from your product, or add some kind of disclaimer. 

Our Response: We are terribly sorry for your horrible plight on your camping trip!  After reviewing your suggestions, and careful analysis of our slogan, we have come up with a new one... "Whatever you do, Wherever you go."  Shall you embark on a similar camping trip in the future you can use Action Wipes while building your tent to clean off before snuggling with your sweetie, or wipe down your scent so bears are not attracted to you (though we must disclaim that Action Wipes have not been tested to keep bears away).  On the flip side you can always use Action Wipes to wipe down and clean off after running away from a bear.

We're not too sure how you managed to make a fuel additive, but the re-purposing of Action Wipes as a window cleaner instead of a paper towel is a great idea!  And we now have casual hat Fridays at the office where at lunch time we hold a competition to see who made the best Action Wipes Hat.