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"We started carrying the Action Wipes in our shop a couple of months ago. When we mention these to customers they almost always buy them as at the end of a long flight, most folks just feel like they have been on a multi-hour workout after sitting in smelly seats, with bad air around them and close quarters.  We just got back from a trip to Brazil ourselves and about an hour before landing both going and on our return, we went into the bathrooms and used the Action Wipes as a quick freshen up on our bodies and felt like we had just taken a relaxing shower, refreshed and ready to hit the ground running  after a 9+ hour flight. This product not only “Freshens you up” but it very much reinvigorates the user to be ready for their day of activities after a long flight. " ~ Chuck Weisbart, It’s…In The Bag!

Today's customers are conscientious about what they put in and on their bodies and are looking for good, natural wet wipes and body care.  Here is an opportunity to answer their needs.

Our natural body wipes and body care are proven “impulse buys” at the register. They are displayed in our nifty Counter Display Boxes with a clean, attractive design. The 30ct Soft Pack Pouches are a strong seller on the peg wall or shelf.

Introduce your customers to Action Wipes and our line of Healing Honey products today by contacting us at info@actionwipes.com or calling 805-423-6529.

For government sales, Life Elements is MBE certified and on GSA.