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Whether you're headed to Burning Man, a music festival or just a wild and crazy weekend, be sure to pack some Action Wipes along with your tent, and don’t forget to bring extras – these are gold for gifting and bartering! Also, throw in our Healing Honey StickHealing Honey Lip Goo and SPF 30 Sunscreen and you’ll have your skin covered (figuratively; the rest is up to you).

Here is the recommended Playa bundle created by our founder, Martha:

1- 30ct Soft dispenser Pouch to keep in your tent and prevent playa foot

25- Action Wipes Singles to gift

Small (.50oz) Healing Honey Stick to soothe playa foot because you forgot to clean the sand off at night, sunburns (because you forgot to use the sunscreen) and anything else the alkaline sand may find it's way into.

Honey Lip Goo to keep your lips kissable

SPF 30 Sunscreen – A must for ANY festival or camping trip!

ALSO! We have a CBD version of this bundle for sale as well. 

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